Sunday, May 24, 2015

Guide to sewing your own pouch - Part 1 - Shopping List

So, you want to build your own mag pouch but don't know where to start, I can help with that!

Here's what we're going to end up with - a proper double-layered Nerf-specific pouch with a variety of retention options.

But, first, you're going to need to do some shopping and get the materials required. All of this is standards-based materials, which is all I use. It's possible you could substitute cotton thread (ugh) or polyester webbing, but why would you. Build it right.

I'm using 500D Cordura nylon fabric. I'm using a couple of different colors in the tutorial, because most of it won't be visible when it's complete. 'D' is short for denier, basically it's the weight of the fabric. 1000D Cordura is more abrasion resistant than 500D, but this isn't a suitable use case for that. 500D will work fine. For all the internal and back parts (which can't be seen from the front) I'm using Tan499 Cordura.
I'd start with Rockywoods or ebay if you want small quantities.

Velcro (or hook & loop)
For hook, I tend to get 2" wide on full rolls, but smaller quantities are available. For loop the secret is to buy the wide 4" rolls and just cut it down as is appropriate. I'm using a couple of different colors, 4" wide Multicam pattern lop and 4" coyote brown loop. I have 2" hook in coyote brown.
I got the Multicam from another gearmaker. Rockywoods and ebay again are good places to start.

I'm using both printed Multicam webbing and solution dyed Tan499 webbing. You're going to want to find nylon MIL spec 17337 webbing in 1", or a commercial equivalent. It's flexible and easy enough to sew through.
Again, Rockywoods and ebay are good first sources

Binding Tape:
Not really 'tape,' it's very thin webbing used for edge binding. The mil spec is 5038. A search for 1" 5038 will get you what you need. I'm using Multicam printed 1" 5038.
Rockywoods, again, is a good source for a small quantities. I buy whole rolls from GSI, but they don't sell less than whole rolls.

I'm using #69 bonded nylon thread in Coyote brown (but it looks closer to Tan499 to me.) This is strong (you can't break it with your hands) and is the correct tool for the job. You're going to need a fairly large needle though to sew this. I use a #21 needle in my machine. If you're doing this on a needle feed home machine you may not be able to find larger than a #20 needle to fit it. Getting tension right is going to be a challenge with a smaller hole.
I like TheThreadExchange as a source for thread. I've also bought from GSI.

Shock Cord:
Search for 1/8 inch shock cord, also called elastic draw cord. This is used for general retention and for a pull tab retention.
Ebay or Rockywoods for small quantities.

You're going to want a cordloc or two, depends on how rapidly adjustable you want the pouch to be. I use ITW toaster cordlocs. These are coyote brown.
I bought a bunch from another gearmaker, but again Rockywoods is a pretty good place to pick up a couple.

Good fabric scissors, tailors' marking pencil, thick cardboard for making templates. Binder clips, seriously, they're a requirement.

Not technically a requirement, just a strong suggestion.

This is not a sewing lesson. You need to know how to sew already. You need to know what I mean by seam allowance. You need to have a beefy enough machine to get through several layers of Cordura and webbing. You need to be comfortable attaching binding tape, a binding attachment for your machine is absolutely recommended. A walking foot industrial machine is recommended.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Complete Multicam battle-belt rig for sale

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Right now there is a complete Multicam battle belt rig for sale.

Set up to carry 3 18-round mags, a small pouch for loose darts and a hammerstrike holster.

This is a used rig, and is sold as is (it's mostly made up of prototype parts, and has served me well, but I have so much extra gear it's not needed any more)

Size Medium, includes adjustable inner belt. Would fit 28-36" waist, comfortably. 

Asking $185 including US shipping. Only one available at this price. Message on Facebook, or email if you're interested.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Slings and Attachment points

Spending a lot of time working on orders for slings recently. I also created a single-point attachment loop for the Raider stock (which works extemely well on the EAT or Stryfe)

There's a variety of photos on the facebook page, please take a look here:

The sling has a 2" wide padded strap for hours of comfort. A rapid-cinch strap allows for a larger blaster to be carried in a two-point configuration and used in a loose fashion, or pulled tight against the body (or anywhere inbetween.) The ability to tighten the blaster against the body means you can easily use both hands to carry something, climb, whatever.

The sling also converts to a single point configuration for blasters like the Stryfe and EAT, especially with a balanced, sensible single point attachment loop like the Raider stock attachment point listed below.

Sling only $40
Raider stock attachment point $10
Both for $45

Easy purchase buttons below. Very short lead time (normally a week, possibly much less as I have already built a bunch for inventory)


Sling options
Color or pattern (eg. Black)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Tactical Satchel" grab-and-go MOLLE panel

I get a lot of requests from Nerfers who don't like, or want, a big military style rig or vest. But, they'd like a way to carry a lightweight loadout for games.

Backpacks and messenger bags are fine, but don't make for quick access in the heat of battle. 

This is a PALS webbing panel, configured to be worn over the shoulder, messenger bag-style. It provides a base to mount any of our holsters, mag pouches, etc.

8 PALS columns, and 3 PALS rows of webbing gives plenty of real estate for a lightweight load.

Here set up with a dual 18 mag pouch, with a dual 12 round pouch stacked on it. And a firestrike holster.

It curves nicely, and is really comfortable. All the corners are rounded, and bound with '337 webbing so it'll last forever. 1/4" closed-cell foam is laminated between the Cordura front layer and the air-mesh rear.

The air-mesh rear means it's always comfortable, and is breathable.

I'm still loving this A-TACS AU camo pattern. I'm hoping this provides an option, or at least some other ideas for simple gear carry.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Triple 18-round drum mag pouch

Simply couldn't be happier with how this came out. Triple 18 drum mag pouch, with reverse-pull webbing, all mil-spec materials/construction, in A-TACS AU fabric.

Coincidentally, this also fits 12-round mags.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Double flat-front 12-round mag pouch - Stackable - A-TACS AU

As I have a bunch of Elite Alpha Troopers I made some new mag pouches for the 12-round magazine. 

Dual flat front pouches, all mil-spec materials. Cordura Nylon, '337 webbing, A-TACS printed webbing, sewn with #69 bonded nylon thread.

Lots of Malice clips hold everything securely. Simply the best PALS attachment method.

The webbing is aligned so they can be perfectly stacked. 

Ready to be hung on a chest rig, vest or any other PALS webbing grid.

More to come,


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Elite Alpha Trooper Giveaway

I grabbed a few of these, time for a giveaway.

I'm going to give one away on the Facebook page:

Go there, like the page, and like and comment on the Giveaway picture. A random comment will be selected on Thursday night (May 9th) and I'll send it to a lucky winner (US addresses only, sorry)